Tuesday, April 05, 2005

JC Chasez is an Idiot

I take issue with all these assholes with recording contracts who can’t sing (ex. Yellowcard, Blink 182, Good Charlotte). I have argued at length with my husband about the merits of male singers since he listens exclusively to females, believing they are the only ones with any real talent. It is getting harder and harder to defend my argument, especially when I hear songs like the latest from JC. Ponder if you will the deep meaning of these poetic lyrics:

All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex
With you, with you

Ok, we get it. You’re not a homosexual like we all thought. I admit that I may have attended a (free) NSYNC concert back in the day, and maybe paid real money for Justin Timberlake’s album and perhaps even doodled “Mrs. Cory Timberlake” in my Trapper Keeper, but I’m drawing the line on this one.

**Note to all the morons who humiliate themselves each week on Supernanny/Nanny 911: If you already have 2-3 bad ass kids, why continue to have a fourth and a fifth? Don’t you people know what causes that yet?

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