Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Don't Go Into the Light Carolann

Holy crap! During the past 15 minutes, the microwave has spontaneously turned itself on twice. I am freaking out. I know that there is probably some reasonable explanation like a short or something, but I prefer to believe that our house is built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. It is Florida after all.

Is Darius Rucker getting better looking? What happened here? He must have lost weight or is just one of those men who gets better with age like Timothy Hutton and Patrick Dempsey - mmmm. I had to ask someone if that was actually him on the Burger King commercial. I think the appearance on a Burger King commercial dressed as a cowboy signals an upturn in the old music career. That, and the fact that you performed during Super Bowl week with other top headliners like Boyz II Men, Kool and the Gang, and Jon Secada.

Joe's surround sound system came this evening. Since I spent my life's (har har) savings on the wedding, the poor thing had to buy his own birthday gift this year - hey, at least it was from the "marital" account. I don't think he knows I named it that yet, but it works for me. When it got here I said "Happy Birthday to you from you" and he said "Thank you, me."

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