Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What? I Have a Blog?


"Oh, you cut your hair" is in no way a compliment. Neither is "Oh, you cut your hair. What do you think?" If you think it looks that bad, just keep your mouth shut.



Blogger mk99 said...

She's baaack! Whew.

Yes I have received the oh not so hidden diss "oh you cut your hair -do YOU like it?" Translated, I don't.

well, f---'em.

10:52 AM  
Blogger MysteryGirl said...

Yeah! You're back!

12:04 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

It's better than, "Did you cut your hair?" which implies that your hair is kind of a mess that's either the result of a failed cut or else you desperately need a trip to the hairdresser. ;)

8:33 AM  
Blogger Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I was getting worried! I'm glad you see that you are back.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Allygator said...

The beyotch is back!!! I couldn't be happier!!!

Missed you (and I bet your hair looks great).

10:53 PM  

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