Saturday, April 30, 2005

Strange World

I am watching Dr. 90210 and they are showing a woman get her anus waxed and bleached. Oh my Lord. Who would get this done besides a porn star or a stripper? The color of my anus is so low on the list of plastic surgery and procedures I would get. Who thought of this?

Last night we went for Mongolion Barbecue at a nice little neighborhood place. At the next table there was a couple that I could not stop staring at. I was not the only one because I noticed people sneaking looks, laughing, and walking by their table to the bathroom several times. The first one was obviously a man with huge hands, arms, and a very deep voice. He also had breasts and was wearing a bra, and had on a long brunette wig. The other one had his back to me, but again was wearing a bra and had long, unwashed hair. Both had five oclock shadows and carried purses.

Now there is a man on Dr. 90210 who is having gender re-assignment surgery. His name is Kimray. I think he was born a female, but has a goatee and in no way resembles a woman. It's not often that I feel like the most normal person around me.



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