Thursday, July 14, 2005

Injustices and Sacrileges

Injustices and Sacrileges:

1. When your XM antenna is broken and you only have two crappy radio stations in your METROPOLITAN city, and they are playing the same crappy Evanesence song at the same time.
2. That Rita’s Italian Ice has discontinued lemon. When I want an Italian ice, 9 times out of 10 I want a traditional lemon – sometimes a raspberry if I’m feeling sassy. I know no one who would want chocolate chip or cinnamon apple.
3. That hurricanes feel the need to rip through the exact same spot two years in a row, and sometimes twice in one season.
4. That show about finding a new lead singer for INXS. Ouch. INXS was my favorite band from “What you need” through “Suicide Blond,” which were also the formative years between 5th and 12th grade. Please honor the dearly departed Michael Hutchence and quit this foolishness.
5. The news story about some redneck asshole in Brunswick, GA who is poisoning the Canada Geese in his development. Why not just get out yer big ol' shotgun and shoot em up? Dick.

Things to be Happy About:

1. Joe surprised me with a new briefcase after I lost mine like a numbskull. He didn't even call me a numbskull - I did that.
2. I found the root of my ear/sinus/congestion/allergy hell: genuine goose down feather bed mattress topper. Mad props to Christine for figuring out that one.
3. Prozac Nation will be delivered today via Netflix. I have wanted to see this movie since it was made 5 years ago, but never released.
4. I made the executive decision to not attend an annual conference that I go to every year. That would be the 3rd major trip in as many weeks in September. I feel so light and free.
5. I am meeting my friends at the Mellow Mushroom tonight and they make the best hummus I’ve ever had. My stomach just growled thinking about it.

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