Monday, August 22, 2005

I May Have Stolen This

10 years ago: I was working at Gayfer’s Department store and attending UNF. I was staying at Christine’s apartment because on campus housing was closed for about 3 weeks. Going out a lot.

5 years ago: I was working at P.C. and The Chart House. Going out a lot.

1 year ago: I was working at Crazy Land, was having regular panic attacks and felt like I was getting an ulcer. Living with Joe and planning the wedding. We had just gotten back from a week at the beach with his family and were surrounded by hurricanes. Going out not at all.

Yesterday: Woke up at 9:45 a.m., read paper, played on computer, watched The Secret Window, played around with the idea of going out, cleaned house, did laundry, read, cooked dinner, bathed (finally) and changed into clean pajamas, was in bed by 9:45 p.m. Perfect day.

Today: Woke up at 7:45 a.m., was out the door by 8:30, went to work where we had a meeting with the woman who is auditing us, went to a psychiatrist appointment for a client, saw three people I knew at the psychiatrist’s office, talked to Christine approximately 8-10 times, worked some more, made dinner, played on computer, watched TV, in bed by 10:00 p.m.

Tomorrow: Wake up at regular time, go to work, dodge the auditor, work on a project that I am dreading, see a client or two, come home, order pizza because Tuesday is pizza night, hunt down the little girls who have my $20.00, but have not brought me my coupon book yet, read, play on computer, in bed by 10:00 p.m. My life rocks.

5 snacks I enjoy: Chocolate chip cookies, K.C. Masterpiece barbecue potato chips, cheddar cheese, Goldfish crackers, fun size candy bars. I’m healthy too.

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of most of their songs: Coldplay, Liz Phair, The Strokes, Radiohead, and just about every cheesy pop band who I truly hate.

Things I would do with $1,000,000: Move far away from here, buy a bigger house with a pool, go on a couple of Caribbean vacations, give my peeps some money, donate some to charity, buy a new car, etc.

5 locations I’d like to run away to: Tahiti, St. Barth, Fiji, Martinique, Antigua.

5 bad habits I have: Procrastinating, gossiping like I’m 16 again, spending too much time on the computer, doing laundry and forgetting to hang it up or fold it, not returning phone calls in a timely fashion.

5 things I like doing: Sleeping, reading, eating, watching TV, relaxing.

5 things I would never wear: A bikini, low rise jeans with my belly hanging out, anything with the name “Babyphat” on it, a tube top, short shorts.

5 TV shows I like: King of Queens, Saturday Night Live, Lost, Rescue Me, Barefoot Contessa.

5 movies I like: Sixteen Candles, Lost in Translation, A Beautiful Mind, Sixth Sense, Good Will Hunting.

5 biggest joys at the moment: My marriage, my family, my cats, my home, my life.

5 favorite toys: Laptop, digital camera, DVR, cell phone, surround sound which is also my worst foe.


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