Friday, August 12, 2005

If My Mom Was Your Mom

1. She'd make you sweet iced tea and fried chicken any time you asked.
2. She'd laugh hard at your jokes.
3. She'd give you lots of hugs.
4. She'd automatically dislike anyone who was mean or unkind to you.
5. She'd get all of her church friends to pray for good things to happen to you.
6. She'd do all of your mending without complaining.
7. She'd sew you a homemade Cabbage Patch doll when you were 10.
8. She'd never nag you about producing grandchildren.
9. She'd bake all your favorite treats.
10. She'd dance with your crazy high school friends at your wedding.

Happy Birthday Bettina. I love you.


Anonymous Heather said...

How bout a few more?

- She will treat you like one of her own
- She will help you move households a thousand times, with nothing expected in return
- She will be too humble for her own good.
- She will make you apple butter, and you will never leave her house without leftovers.
- She will make you laugh, and will be a better friend than you could have ever hoped for.

I love every one of you to bits!

9:58 AM  

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