Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Recent Taco Bell Experience

Drive Thru Lady: Can I take your order?
Me: May I please have a Nachos Bell Gr--
Drive Thru Lady: Huh?
Me: A Nachos Bell Grande, no meat, and a medium lemonade.
DTL: Drive around.
DTL: Oh wait, we don’t have lemonade.
Me: How about a Mountain Dew?
DTL: Ok, pull to the window.

I pull up as she is checking her cell phone for messages.

DTL: $3.95

She then throws my change into my bag full of nachos.

DTL: I’m just going to put your change in your bag ok?
Me: Stunned silence.
DTL: Is that all right? (As she’s handing me my bag sans napkins, fork, and sauce.)
Me: Uh, well--
DTL: Huh?
Me: Sound of tires screeching out of the parking lot and a lot of swearing under my breath about no good customer service/stupid kids/no work ethic.

I am obviously aging.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must be getting old too (at 27) because service everywhere is terrible (but especially at Taco Bell drive throughs). In an indirect manner, I'm glad to hear your complaint. Service Industry Punks are so rude, I was beginning to feel that I might have a "treat me like shit" sign affixed to my person in some way. Seriously, the situation is beyond them not caring and has begun to seem like they want to punish you for the fact that they must work.

2:46 PM  

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