Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bitch Brigade

Tonight I have a meeting of the Bitch Brigade. This is a group of women who I met when we all worked together in a land where crazy ruled, the maintenance man had more power than the program directors, and it was not unusual for someone to quit after their first day on the job. This group was started as a sanity-saving measure, but we have stuck together and continued to meet weekly, if only to shudder at the memories, drink lots of vodka, and talk about sex.

The last time we met at the place we're going tonight, Lisa wanted us to meet a man who was a romantic possibility. He sat down and we all made polite small talk. That is, until Erika made Melanie laugh so hard that she simultaneously spewed beer out of her nose and wet her pants.

I'm not sure he ever called Lisa again.



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