Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday Story

Once upon a time a little over ten years ago, my BFF Christine and I were students of sorts at UNF. I awoke on the morning of my birthday and grudgingly walked to class as always, or as seldom if we’re being honest. As I walked I noticed that a certain anonymous someone had written messages in colored chalk on the sidewalks from my apartment to all of my classes, in the courtyard, in front of the bookstore, etc., etc., etc. Phrases included “Today is Cory S_____’s 22nd birthday.” “Happy Birthday Cory S_____,” and my personal favorite: “My name is Cory S_____, spank me - it’s my birthday.” We attended quite a small school, so the humiliation factor was amplified a wee bit. Most of these messages eventually washed away with the rain, but you can bet that there were still some intact and legible for the rest of the school year.

Several months after that fateful birthday, my Aunt Nancy was on some church trip in Vero Beach, FL (3 hours away) and met a family whose son also happened to go to UNF. When she found this out, she said “Oh, my niece goes there too. Her name is Cory S_____. Do you know her?” He replied “Today is Cory S_____’s 22nd birthday.”

Every part of this story is true. I thank you once again Christine.

The End.



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