Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I 've Been Extra Clumsy Lately

I don't know why. Carelessness? Tiredness? Laziness? Yes, probably all of those. Anyway, last week while I was plugging in my lap top, I set it on the very broad arm of the couch and it slid off. Upside down onto the tile floor. I had one of those Tom Hanks moments in The Money Pit after the bathtub fell through the floor. After the hysterical laughter came the hysterical tears because there is no way that my warranty covers "dropping by dumb ass owner who doesn't deserve to have anything nice because she won't take care of it." Thankfully nothing major was broken, except for the battery cover. I'm trying to think up a good story for the people at Sony right now. Any ideas?

This morning I was taking a jug of bleach down from a shelf, and pulled down a huge thing of liquid laundry detergent in the process. You know, the big industrial sized one with the spigot and the hole at the top to facilitate the flow. Like this, okay? If you don't know, I can't explain it without a diagram.
Detergent from one end of the kitchen to the other. Just how in the hell do you clean up large quantities of liquid soap? Not with water, or a mop, or even a Swiffer Sweeper. I have no clue, so I just wiped it up with an entire roll of paper towels and only slipped and fell twice. I'll deal with it later, but in the meantime I've had to get up three times while writing this to wash the stickiness from my hands. Keep me away from all babies and antique china until further notice.


Blogger C. said...

how do you clean up detergent??? that's worse than a raw egg (pour salt on it and it comes right up).

maybe you could try the salt trick?

3:27 PM  
Blogger MysteryGirl said...

ME TOO! While I have not had any detergent accidents, I did fall down my stairs today. I managed to grab the railing on the way down so it wasn't that bad. I've also been walking into walls and I keep tripping over small items that might be on the floor. I know they are there but I still go flying. Did you try to Google how to clean up detergent?
By the way, that would be a big DEWEY of detergent you had.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Allygator said...

Clumsiness is a sign of pregnancy. Both you and Kasey better go out and buy a test NOW! ;)

11:32 AM  
Blogger T said...

Large beach towel for the detergent next time... how do I know this? Because I have done the same damn thing. I've also watched my laptop go flying across the car into the door and onto the floor because a. I was too lazy to put it back in my bag after taking it out for a moment and b. felt like driving Gone in 60 Seconds style thanks to a good tune being on the radio and took the corner at break neck speeds. I'm with ya sister!

Christine- thanks for the egg trick!! I break on of those in the wrong place at least once a week!

8:01 AM  

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