Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This Is So Last Month

There's a new thingy going around where you list 6 weird/unusual things about yourself, then tag other people. This is just to supplement all the weird and unusual things I reveal about myself in my regular posts. Let me know if you played too.

1. I don’t know the difference between effect and affect. It was only last year that I learned the difference between ensure and insure.
2. I pronounce forte “fortay” instead of “fort” even though I know it’s wrong, and sherbet “sherbert” even though I know there’s no R in it. I conform to the incorrect to avoid someone looking at me strangely.
3. I often read books/magazines in stopped traffic and at red lights. I KNOW! That is so dangerous, but my ADD does not allow for down time, and the stereo doesn’t provide me with enough stimulation.
4. Material wealth embarrasses me. I am the opposite of someone who likes to brag. If someone compliments my cell phone for instance, I have to say something negative about it like “Yeah, I like it but it only holds a charge for a couple of hours. It’s such a pain,” then roll my eyes and sigh.
5. I could not properly fold a fitted sheet if my life depended on it.
6. I have no clutter in my house except for one small closet which belongs to Joe. I hate clutter, there’s nothing under any of the beds, and I have frequent yard sales. Many times in my life I’ve needed something and had to buy it new, when it was something I used to own, but got rid of in a purging fit. A lot of the songs on my iPod were purchased and downloaded, even though I used to own the CD but sold it at some point.


Blogger mk99 said...

mmmm....fitted sheets are supposed to be folded? I kind of roll them up and shove them in my "cluttered" closet. Yes, my house would drive you nuts.

I'd have to give some hard thought to six odd things, but I will confess to one....for as long as I can remember, even back to pre-teenage years, I watched names on credits of shows to see one that I would like to use as an alias when I disappear from my real life.

Please don't analyze that, I am an ostrich at heart - remember?

10:05 PM  
Blogger C. said...

Girl, we need to talk about number 4. I was just thinking about this the other day. I CANNOT accept a compliment...unless I really, really, really think I did something out of the ordinary (example: "Wow, you went through 32 hours of labor, unmedicated? Good job!" me: "thank you.") but for something I have? Forget it. I do the exact same thing. I have to talk it down. Anytime someone (esp. if it's a store clerk or someone I perceive to not have a lot of money) compliments me on, let's say one of my purses or something fairly pricey, I have to IMMEDIATELY tell them, "Oh yeah...if you're looking for one, try the outlets...much lower prices." because God forbid they think I paid full price.

I can still hear my dad's voice in my head..."Now, you don't ever want anyone to feel bad because you have ________(fill in the blank)." which, is a very nice thought, but I think I've taken it a wee bit too far. My having a nice purse shouldn't make or break them as a person, yet I act like they are that fragile. Stupid, huh??

This is horrible! We have to stop it but I just don't know that I could ever feel comfortable not doing it!

I'm with you on number 5.

About number 6...if i could have 1/10th of your ability in this area...I'd be fine. teach me, grasshopper.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Bridget said...

#1 - Totally with you
#2, when someone asks me how I'm doing I say 'good' even though I know you should say 'well'. I've always thought that 'well' sounded snobby - I'm such a weirdo.
#3 - Cory, stop it! stop it! stop it!
#4 - With you there too.
#5 - Reminds me of the time I had the chore of folding the laundry. I had meticulously spread out a sheet on the floor to fold it perfectly and you took a running dive on it just to mess it up. Errr.
#6 - Now I know what were going to do when you're up visiting next week. :-)

Sorry for the emoticon, I can't help myself.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

I'm pulling up Merriam Webster's now on the Internet....

10:39 AM  

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