Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Big Daddy

There are so many reasons I love this man. I could talk about how much he has taught me, supported me, been there for me, etc. Instead, I will talk about how he completely gets my sense of humor and all of my obscure references. A couple of years ago he went with me to buy my stupid ass car. At the end of the six hour car buying process (I do not kid), all the Saturn employees had to line up around my car and sing some song which involved raising their fists in the air and yelling "we thank you!" It was excruciating for everyone and it seemed to last for a full five minutes. In the middle of it I turned to him and said "you know they hate this just like the Bennigan's employees do when they have to sing happy birthday." Maybe he was just punch drunk from the many hours spent in that hell hole, but he laughed and hard.

I love you Dad. There is no one I'd rather sit through two hours of Riverdance with.


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