Tuesday, December 20, 2005

File Under "Things That Piss Me Off"

Today I received a Christmas card from my wedding reception site. Enclosed was a "gift certificate" and a message that said something to the effect of "in appreciation of you holding your event at our site, we have enclosed a gift certificate for $200 off a full facility rental. Please give it to a friend or business associate. If they use it, we have a special gift for you!"

Deep breath.

Ok you self serving mother fuckers, here is my message back to you: Your facility rental fee cost more than my first car, and it still wasn't large enough to invite everyone we wanted. Why not just give me the "special gift" instead of pimping me out to my friends and business associates? I will not do your sales work for you. Is it just me, or should facilities that are part of the FLORIDA PARKS SERVICES be non-profit? Isn't someone's tax money already paying you? You make me sick and I will strongly advise anyone and everyone against booking their event with you.

Happy Holidays.


Blogger Allygator said...


8:45 PM  
Anonymous Bridget said...

I say mail it back to them and include a picture of your hand shooting them a bird.

8:04 AM  

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