Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday Stories Are Back For A Limited Time

Once upon a time I lived in my first apartment alone as a grown up. I was harboring two illegal aliens in the form of cats so that I didn’t have to pay a pet deposit. One day I noticed that my toilet was clogged, so I called the maintenance man. He had to use a snake to unclog the toilet, and the culprit ended up being my eye glasses. Apparently one of the cats batted them off the counter and into the toilet and I probably flushed in the middle of the night without turning the light on. Anyway. I was a weensy bit embarrassed when I learned that he found my glasses in the nether regions of my toilet plumbing, but became increasingly embarrassed when he told me that he couldn’t get the glasses separated from the coil part of the snake because they were entangled by a string. A string with a tampon on the end. Mercifully it was a clean, white tampon because it had spent a long time in the water. This poor man had to cut my glasses in half to get them separated and I could only imagine the thoughts going through his mind “this crazy broad flushed her own glasses down the toilet, and then I had to touch her tampon. My job sucks.”

The End.



Blogger Barbara said...

Oh no!! Do you still wake in the night, reliving the experience? I fear I would. (Do you think the guy still wakes in the night, reliving it?!)

For another very funny tampon story, go check out gemmak's blog.

6:56 AM  

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