Friday, March 31, 2006

I Don't Even Care That It's Out of Season

If you watched the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin, you’ll remember how the guys played this game where they would say “You know how I know you’re gay? Because you macraméd yourself a pair of jean shorts.” Hilarious. Go rent that movie.

Christine and I have started playing our own version of this. Recent ones include:

Me: You know how I know you’re a bitch? Because you introduced me to the pretzel dog.

Christine: You know how I know you’re a bitch? Because they just closed my Dunkin Donuts and you can go to yours any time you want.

Me: You know how I know you’re a bitch? Because I bought a carton of crème brule coffee creamer for your upcoming visit and I’ve used the entire thing.

Hmm. Funny how those all center around food.

Here’s my latest - Hey Christine and Alicia: You know how I know you’re both bitches? Because I want this more than my next breath:



Blogger Barbara said...

Macramed jean shorts ... hmmm. Sounds sort of ... itchy. ;-)

7:09 AM  
Blogger C. said...

holy shit...i want the pink, summery version of that so much, I'm will to let the house go into forclosure and live in the car. this is a plan i've given way too much thought to.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Allygator said...

Oh my goodness...Christine, are you as proud as I am of our little accomplishment to turn Cory into a Coach-toting junkie?!?

(insert evil laugh here)

4:45 PM  
Blogger C. said...

heh heh heh heh heh! If we're going to be broke (but with a very nice purse collection, I might add), why not have cory join us?

I love it!

9:09 PM  
Blogger mk99 said...

Go ebay! $200 beats $500 any day of the week.

11:31 AM  

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