Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gimme Gimme Gimme Some

Yesterday Joe had to get his wisdom teeth out. Since I and everyone else I know got theirs out at half the age Joe is now, there was plenty of material by which to torture and horrify him. I told him about the pain that is dry sockets, medication that makes you vomit, and irrigating entire meals out of the holes in your jaw bones. Bridget threw in the part about whole broccoli florets getting stuck in there, and Christine remembered that she made the mistake of eating pizza and many days later irrigated out a piece of green pepperoni. She maintains that this was the worst thing that she has ever gone through. This from a woman who has had encephalitis, given birth naturally, and gets her hoo-ha waxed on a regular basis. The best part of yesterday was when we were watching Lost and at the end they flashed on a marooned ship. In Joe's Vicodin induced stupor, he swore it was a village of headhunters. Aborigines, if you will. We argued about that for a few minutes and I even doubted my own sanity until I came to work today and someone validated that it was indeed a ship.


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