Saturday, October 22, 2005

He Hated His Life at That Moment

My sister got married a few years ago and it was a joyous affair. Despite being sunburned to a crisp, my dad is beaming in all the pictures, especially the ones where he is walking her down the aisle. A friend of mine even commented about how proud he looked.

In all of my wedding pictures where he is walking me down the aisle, his face looks like this. When I saw these I was all "What the hell? This is total bullshit and he obviously loves Bridget way more than me."

I later found out that when he picked up his tuxedo, he tried on everything but the shoes. The shoes ended up being 2 sizes too small! Ha ha ha! He was in tremendous pain all day. I can forgive him for the lack of smiling if he can forgive me for still laughing about it.


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