Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Later Learned That They Were Supposed to Last for 40,000 Miles

Do you know what it feels like to go to your local Saturn dealership with the intent to pick up a side view mirror, get your oil changed and tires rotated, and come out two hours later having spent more than $400? It feels a little like wanting to cry or wanting to laugh hysterically until you cry. I’m short of breath and my knees are a little weak as well. My friend Laurie in the service department advised me that I needed new tires, which was true since I had never replaced them. My style of car maintenance is no maintenance with the occasional oil change thrown in to keep my dad off my back. I said to Laurie “Look, I’m getting rid of this car as soon as humanly possible, so just slap on the cheapest tires you have and align it so I don’t have to get new tires again for another 26,000 miles.” Laurie knows me well, and knows how much I hate my car so she said “Good enough” and let me get back to watching Judge Alex and drinking bad coffee in the lounge.


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