Sunday, October 16, 2005


I love me: I just sold a used, scratched LG cell phone without a SIM card for $42.35 on eBay. Holy crap. This was the worst cell phone I ever had and I know I got it for free when I renewed my cingular contract.

I hate me: When I was driving earlier I almost turned onto one road, and then I decided at the last minute to take another road. I had to veer back into my lane and I clipped one of those round orange barricades with my sideview mirror. I expected to knock it over, but the motherfucker didn't even budge. I think it was filled with cement, but it was probably just water. When I looked over to assess the damage I saw that I knocked out the glass portion of my sideview mirror. I guess it's better than having knocked off the entire sideview mirror thingy, but I still don't know how to explain it to the Saturn parts department.

I love me: I only spent $26.00 at the Mary Kay party because it was a social obligation.

I hate me: I booked my own Mary Kay party because it was a social obligation.


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