Friday, October 14, 2005

Grouchy Friday

I don't understand when the U.S. Post Office turned into a retail enterprise. For some reason I thought they were the only game in town. It reminds me of how the yellow pages advertises on billboards. It's so unnecessary. In the olden days people used to be able to walk in, mail their crap and then leave. I don't know if the employees at my post office are on commission, are competing to win a Carnival Cruise, or if they just like to annoy the shit out of me. When Joe and I came up with the division of labor (Oh God, that's a total a Dr. Phil term) he got all the picking up and mailing of the mail. I am so thankful for this. I will scrub toilets on my knees with my bare hands for the rest of my life to avoid this scenario again:

Would you like insurance or delivery confirmation? No thank you.
Would you like to upgrade this to Priority for 21.50? No.
Would you like any stamps today? NO.
Would you like a commemorative plush animal? They make great Christmas gifts. NO!
Would you like to pay with your debit card? NOOOOO!
Would you like a car wash and oil change? Can I please go home now? Don't follow me out to my car either!


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