Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday Story

Once upon a time Bridget worked at Bennigan’s in college. She had the unbelievable perk of getting ½ priced food for up to four people at a time. One night she and her best friend and I ate there and ordered an entire table full of food. I ordered fajitas among many other things and boxed up the leftovers to take home. After dinner we met friends and ended up drinking alcohol and whatnot at someone’s house. At about 2:00 am we began the long drive home and Bridget announced that she was starving. I said she could have the leftover fajitas, and at the time she thought it was a great idea. I drove while she scarfed down the food, and she got very quiet. I looked over and she had her mouth open directly in front of the air conditioning vent, as the fajitas were quite spicy and she had nothing to drink.



Blogger C. said...

Hummm, I see that eating with your bare hands, while drunk (and sometimes driving), runs in your family. All this time I thought it was just you (and, I admit, me).

2:16 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

I've never tried air conditioning to cool off an overspiced mouth...

4:22 PM  

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