Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Story of My 31st Birthday

Last year we celebrated my birthday on Labor Day since we both had the day off from work. Did I mention that this was the same weekend that we were experiencing our third or fourth hurricane of the season? I can’t even remember the name because last August and September are a blur of power outages, hysteria, and Jim Cantore's face. Since I have a hard time delaying gratification, I thought it was very necessary to go out to eat that night. It may have had something to do with being a prisoner in my own home during the previous few days, or that all of the sitting around in the dark was dulling my senses and impairing my judgment.

We drove downtown and stopped at each of my favorite restaurants, only to find that they were all closed due to the weather. Whatever. I worked at The Chart House for almost 5 years and we never once closed due to the weather. At the 8th or 9th restaurant, I had to get out of the car to see if they were open. We parked in front of a hotel, under an awning of sorts. At the precise moment that I opened the door, a gust of wind came in off the river blowing the car door open so far that I could not physically close it. My football player sized husband had to use all of his weight to get the door closed. We were both soaking wet, and I think I may have cried a little. Forget the fact that people’s homes were being washed away; it was my birthday and I was not going to settle for going home to eat a Spam sandwich out of our hurricane bunker.

Guess where we ended up eating? The Fucking Chart House. The place that is open come rain or shine. The place that most consider to be a fine dining establishment, but the place that I still can’t stand the smell of. I got to see some old friends and was finally able to relax after my second shot of bourbon. It turned out to be a lovely evening. The menu had even been updated so I didn’t have to order something I had eaten and/or served approximately 2536 times before.

I am very fortunate because Joe is kind and generous and would do anything for me. I know he enjoyed buying me a nice gift and taking me out for a fancy dinner. I don’t think he was anticipating that my birthday would also cost him an additional $1000.00 to fix his car door though.


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