Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Delightful Shopping Experience at Publix

I went to Publix to pick up some weekend supplies including toilet paper, deli fried chicken, and Glade plug in refills.

I was reaching for a gallon of milk when I smelled them. Long before I saw them. It’s the time of year when Publix sells cinnamon brooms and pinecones. Oh my God do these stink. It is overwhelming to the point where I have to walk around the produce department holding my breath with my face all scrunched up. It brings back bad memories of burning my lips on cinnamon toothpicks as a kid, and having a Goldschlager hangover. Publix is going to force me to shop at the 7-11 for groceries until January 1st.

When I was checking out I had to show the cashier my drivers license. She said “You have the same birthday as my boyfriend.” I said “Really? The same year and everything?” She said “Oh no, he was born in ’86.” Ouch.



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